Numberblocks Simple Picture Generator

Each row has one coordinate, separated by a space or comma. 1 is the upper left corner, first and then the columnA colon can be used to indicate the interval, which can be in positive or reverse order. By default, the first column is followed by the next column. The letter V is added in front of it and a space is added between V and the coordinates. It can be changed to column first and then row. The "special ten" function can be used by adding the letter T in front. T needs to be followed by one or two letters U (upper), D (lower), l (left) and R (right), and then a single coordinate is added after the space to indicate the upper left corner of the rectangle or the right angle vertex of the ladder*At present, only tr TRR TD TDD TUL Tlu tur tru TDL TLD TDR TRD is supported at the beginning of TTR is 1 row and 10 columns. For example, TR 2 is a long bar from 2 rows and 2 columns to 2 rows and 11 columns, and so onTRR is 2 rows and 5 columns, TDD is 5 rows and 2 columns, and TD is 10 rows and 1 column. T followed by two mutually perpendicular directions represent a step squares of order 4, and the coordinates behind represent the right angle vertices of the stepsIf TUL or Tlu is a right angle, the vertex is in the lower right corner (extending to the left), and so on. Multiple building blocks can be entered at the same time. Please use --- or = = = (at least three English horizontal signs or equal signs) as the separation line between different building blocks Single building block can support 9999 (four digits)

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